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Providing Thermal and Ultrasonic Inspections and Analysis American Training and Inspection (ATI) is a multi-faceted company that offers thermal imaging and ultrasonic inspections to provide preventive and predictive maintenance for industrial and commercial sites.

Through heat, motion or vibration analysis we can detect the problems in their early stages when repairs are less expensive and easier to schedule and perform.

Nationally 38% of production is lost due to down time. With a predictive and preventative maintenance program in place, this can be greatly reduced.

ATI can aid in setting up a program that works for your commercial or industrial application.


Infrared is an invisible portion of the light spectrum extending from 0.75 to 1000 microns. All objects warmer than absolute zero (0 Kelvin or -275.15°C) emit energy somewhere within that range. The warmer the object, the brighter we see it in our thermal camera. White is hotter, black is colder (AIRT). Thermal images can pick up heat loss or water damage due to the obvious changes in heat. Stud detection is also possible due to the heat difference in the wall paneling. The wide range of high-end IR cameras can see IR images between 1 and 5 miles away.

A Story of a School

ATI helps keep children safe in schools across the United States.

A school system in a small rural area had contracted with us to do the infrared inspections on the schools in there entire district. For them it was a large undertaking and the expense seemed to be a large ticket item.
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Quality Information

It can only be obtained by doing a quality job with quality personnel.

Just as you insist on a qualified technician to work on your electrical equipment, your car or even yourself, you should insist your Thermographer is not only certified but also experienced in the field he or she is shooting.
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Thermal Expertise

ATI offers the highest quality, affordable educational program.

American Training and Inspection can give your company the most complete training and education program  in Infrared and Ultrasonic testing and inspection in the industry. Let our expertise become your knowledge.
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